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Commercial Lighting Services Oklahoma

Commercial Lighting Services Oklahoma

All Cleaning Okc manages commercial lighting maintenance for all building types. The average commercial building contains multiple lighting styles: security lights, decorative lights, canopy lights, and task lights. We can help you create a maintenance plan that includes scheduling services and supplies for all of the lighting types in your building.

The Right Lighting for Your Building

Proper lighting in your facility will bring many benefits to your company as well as its development. Your employees will have a pleasant atmosphere and also the appearance of your building will make a good impression on your visitors.

Poor lighting can lead to accidents and injuries. Buildings that lack adequate security lighting also run the risk of assault and vandalism. Under the direction of our experts, we can help you find the perfect lighting to lower electricity costs and eliminate the hassle of maintaining all the lights by doing it for you.

Types of lighting

Currently you have several options, with different characteristics:
  • The traditional bulb: inexpensive and comes in different intensities (from 40 to 150 watts). However, it is not the most ecological.
  • Low consumption: one fifth of energy than incandescent ones and operating up to 15,000 hours, representing a savings of 80%. That is why they are recommended for environments where light is required for many continuous hours.
  • Halogens: provide a powerful and bright light highly recommended for outdoors. They last more than 3,000 hours.
  • LEDs: they have the advantage of providing between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of light and, due to their versatility, you can use them in your home or business, indoors or outdoors.

No matter what type of lighting service you are looking for, All Cleaning Okc can help you get what you need for a pleasing and productive work environment