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Home clean

We adapt to the demands of our clients and, knowing that everyone has their conditions, we do
not act in some cases without the consent of the owners of the home. In this sense, All Cleaning
offers you two cleaning plans so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

- Regular cleaning
In this section, our cleaning staff will take care of the following points:

  •  Furniture cleaning
  •  Change of bed sheets
  •  Vacuum or sweep
  •  Lockers (only outside)
  •  Cleaning of windows and mirrors
  •  Cleaning of all doors and knobs
  •  Scrub all floors
  •  Take out the garbage
  •  Total cleaning of the bathroom
  •  Total cleaning of the kitchen (not inside the refrigerator or the oven)

 Cleaning the refrigerator (only outside)
- Deep cleaning

In this case, there will be no place left without cleaning! Your house will be shining! All areas of
your home will be cleaned with great care, but with sufficient intensity to eliminate any possible
impurity that we find.

Here you can appreciate in detail our work with this package:

  •  Cleaning under the bed
  •  Change of sheets
  •  Cleaning inside cabinets
  •  Dusting and polishing all furniture
  •  Mirror cleaning
  •  Window and window frames cleaning


  •  Scrubbing inside the shower or bathtub
  •  Cleaning inside the bathroom cabinets
  •  Cleaning of all doors and walls
  •  Cleaning and disinfection of all bathrooms
  •  Cleaning of all windows and window frames


  •  Cleaning inside and outside all cabinets and pantry
  •  Cleaning inside and outside the refrigerator
  •  Cleaning of stove, oven and microwave
  •  Cleaning of hoods, fans and vents
  •  Cleaning of all window and window frames

All areas of the house

  •  Remove all garbage
  •  Cleaning of all surfaces
  •  Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors
  •  Cleaning under all furniture
  •  Cleaning of all vents and radiators
  •  Dusting, cleaning mirrors and frames

Cleaning products

Deep cleaning in oklahoma

Deep cleaning in oklahoma